Today Sydnee has to go to Madison in the afternoon. So after school Kassie volunteers to bring me home. I met Kassie’s brother and sister they were cute. I arrived home at 3.30 but Kassie said she’s going pick me up at 4.30 to go to her house. She picked Hanna up first then she cameto our house. When we arrived at Kassie’s house we went on a trampoline. It was fun and tired. We decided to go to Frog to have some ice cream and to visit Lydia because she works there. I have Frog in a log, it’s a cup of ice cream with brownies, it was huge and great. Then Kassie dropped at home, we had at very amazing time. Tonight, I have to go to bed early because tomorrow we have to get up early to go to Madison to watch Sydnee’s performance.