Today was a hurry day since morning that I forgot everything. It’s start since I woke up late (6:30 am) and I need to be hurry with everything so I didn’t organized my stuff in the morning. I just throw everything in my bag and not even realize that my computer was not charged and my pencil case was not even in my bag. Then I saw snow falling down so I fastly took my phone from my bag and forgot to put it back in my bag because everything happend so fast and I need to run to the car. I put it down on the car and didn’t look at it again until I ran down from the car very hurry because we are late for school and I don’t even brought my phone with me.

I need to ran as fast as I can to the choir class and they are warming up. Then they started to sing lots of song that I still don’t know the name (I can remember only Bohemian Rhapsody and Dancing queen since they are 2 of my favorite but I can’t sang it yet anyway.

After that class I just realized that I forgot my phone somewhere and I started to be nervous but I need to go to the next class so I have no time to search for it. Then it’s math class and I just realized that I also forgot my pencil case. Lucky that I have one spared pen in my purse.

In the end of the class after I finished my work I’m going to do my homework but I just found out that my computer was ran out of battery… So I just draw lots of doodle on my paper.

It’s getting worse in the next class because in English class they are working on their old article and I have no opportunity in that class and I suppose to clear my homework but my phone was gone and my computer don’t have batteries so I have to changed it… So I just sit and let’s

Then I had some lunch as a cheeseburger again. Then I got tomato sauce fall down on my sweater so I need to change it… Now I’m a little confused what’s going on since the morning and being very hurry for whole day.

Then it’s afternoon class, it was just fine and nothing worse happened. Then Cole picked me up from school, we got back home and left home again to find my phone that I guessed it was in Clara’s car. But host dad was stopped at bank to made Cole new bank account with debit card and stop again at Church for half an hour and Cole stated to say something about car and wood that’s very hard to understand. We also stop at meat shop to bought some meat for dinner before continue driving. Then we arrived at school, I ran down and found my phone in Clara’s car but we didn’t have a key so we can’t get it. So host dad drove home to get the key and drove back to school again to get my phone. But when we arrived at school Clara was lefting because her game was cancelled because of too much snow. So I ran down to get my phone and ran back up again.

Then the problem was solved and we go to food store to buy 12 cookies and cheese. Then we came back home and met grandma because she need to bring her dog back. So now we only have 1 dog and 1 cat at home.
Then the dinner was done and it was cheese burger again…