Day 25 : I wake up early 6 am. I feel sleepy and tried because I make gift for some one and today Zam early to pick me up go to school after that I go to barh room for take a bath , wash my face and toothbrush so quickly and go down stair for eat breakfasr is cereal but I don’t eat because Zam is come to pick me up go to school I feel cry because I hungry . When I at school I sit at cafeteria and feel hungry I feel wait for break breakfast time . Frist class is math I feel is very very easy name in Thai is “Parabora” I happy to I can do this next class is break breakfast time I eat a burger becon cheese but it small I feel ok after that I go to gym for play sport group 1 play soccer group 2 play hocky I play hocky I feel funny because frist time to play and I lose scoor is 3-4 I feel sad hahaha but I happy to play sport next class is libary every body is do work in comeputer but I write a block next class is music class today not song because girl practice to dance I feel bored next class is english class I don’t like this class because must to read a book but I don’t like it nexclass is lunch I eat lasanya ,broccoil , bread and chocolate milk next class is engineer class today friend is do work continue in yesterday next class is CNN watch CNN again I feel bored because don’t talk last class is seience study a power wind and test in picture.image
at 3 pm. I come back home and go to upstair for continue a gift I feel tried after that I eat dinner with Popp because Carol go to work I eat steak , potato and carot It’s time I gl to sleep at 11 pm.