Today I wake up on 6.30am.Then I have breakfast with cereal,milk.We go to school on 7.30am.We arrived school on 7.45am.First period I study history.We have test or DBQ.Then I study performance we go to fitness.I run and play weight.Then I study art.I paint my work.Then I study wildlife.Today we argue problem about environment.They have thing.I haave lunch with chicken cheese,bread,spargetti,I pay money lunch to lady lunch.Then free period we go to computer lab for do work.Last period I study English.Teacher give work to do essay.We go to computer lab for do that.We go home on 3.12am.We arrived home on 3.30am.Then I sleep and take a shower.George and p’mild visit home.They talk about we talk too much and enjoy life.We have dinner with meat,potato.It very delicious.I very full.Good night.