Today I woke up at 7:00 am then we have a breakfast today breakfast is donut and bread then Toto play a video game he play a Call of duty then after Toto finish Call of duty I play a Fifa 15 today I always win then after I finish play a  video game Bam and Mind come to play in my  house we play pool , card , and video game then we eat a lunch today lunch is Buffalo wild wings it is a chicken wings then a baby have a nap we go to run outside then after we finish lunch Bam and Mind come back home  and I have a nap after I woke up we go to eat a dinner at my neighbored house we go early and play a basketball in downstair today Toto buddy come to eat a dinner to then we eat a dinner I eat a pizza , fish and chicken then we go to play a basketball I can drunk because it is small then we play a arcade legend we play bowling , megaman and street fighter before we come back home my nieghbored give me a shirt then we come back home and play pool and card then I up a blog.