Day 24: I hate today because today is Monday!!!! I feel bored to study I want to weekend!!! I must wake up early 6 am. but I sleep to 6.20 am. after that I go to bath room for take a bath , wash my face and toothbrush when I finish I go down stair for eat breakfast is bread and orange juice . It’s time Zag znd Zam pick me up for go to school today I must pay lunch money . Frist class is Math I feel easy to do because I learn in Thailand before Icome to America and I top 1 at class in Thailand next class is break time to eat breakfast 15 min. after that I go to gym to day I play soccer outside school frist time my scoor is 3-3 I feel very tried and funny but today is very hot!!! imagewhen I finish I go to libary class everybody not do work we play a phone after that next class is music class every body is song I feel funny when finish I go to english class today is group work but I not do anything next is break lunch time I feel hungry because I play a soccer I tried I eat chicken nugget , pasta , bread and salad I feel fuly after that I go to engineer class I feel bored because every body do it computer but I don’t next class is CNN class we watch a CNN student and group work but I don’t because I havn’t notebook last class is science every body do project but don’t I feel happy hahaha
at 3pm. I come back home and I want to market for but something to surpise someone after that I eat dinner is salad and steak I feel fuly . When I finish I go to market for but something with Carol and then I come back home Ido it and I sleep at 10.30 pm.