Today is monday again I woke up early because it has school today.I woke up at 6.00am then brushed a teeth and ate cereal.Today I went to school at 7.30am then to school at 7.45am frost class is history class I studied about 1920’s same last week and tomorrow another students have DBQ.Second class I studied perfomance today I ran in fitness after that I studied art today I do a papermache same last week because I didn’t paint class I studied wildlife today I studied about species and I ate lunch today it has steak bread and mash potato then I studied english today I watched movie and wrote a essay about movie.then I came back home I changed my clothes and ate nooddle and bread after that I took a shower then I watched a T.V. I have dinner today at 6.45pm I have lasagna bread and fruit then I brushed a teeth then go to bed.1461028234951