To day I up my blog late because I play card with my host today I woke up at 6:30 am then we eat a breakfast today breakfast is donut then we go to school today my first class is history again and study about world war 1 again then we have english class today we read a book and comment a book next I have spain then we have gym class today gymclass we play a capture the flags we have two team we have three flasgs then we run to capture another team flags and run come back to your team area today I can take one flag to my team area 🙂 then after we finish play capture flags I have math class we study about perfect square it very easy then we eat a lunch today a lunch is two burger and two pudding it make me fat after we finish lunch I have science class we do a labs then after we finish science I have spanish class Toto come to my class because he buddy go to play a soccer then after we finish school we come back home and I run then after I finosh run ( only5 min ) we go to eat a dinner today dinner is porkribs then we watch a TV and play a card we play spoon after I finish play spoon I and Toto do a blog .