today is very  good day .frind  I wake up same time 6:30 sometime I what to sleep mor. but today no  I what to wake up 555.then we go down to eat brakefast. then we go to dress up and go to school.then we study biboy.and we go to play grnd toplay kit ball it so funny too much .we have test next I got 4(5).And when I go to pet and grong to writ the bolk it so bond.and we go to hoter becausepat sleep wit her fried.and i and grond go  to the to thake me home .then we go home to play wit Emma Olivia Sam and we go to eat dinnd it liter good but I have toeat chicke . then i go to writ the bolk and  we have surpit momo and dad do not tell mom and dad ok then bye.