Day 23 : Today every body go to legend but I don’t wake up early because I tried I wake up 10 am. I feel very good because I like to wake up late after that I go to take a bath , wash my face and toothbrush when I finish I go down stair my host family Carol and Popp go outside to legend and I eat breakfast is cereal and milk I feel slowlife .When I eat finish Sit in living roon at sofa and watch a Ching100 Ching1,000,000 is a joke show Thailand in my Macbook I feel lazy When Carol and Popp come back home Carol take a nap and Popp I don’t no what he do after that I eat lunch is salad I make it I feel good and I go to watch it again .When grandchild host family come I go to play tempolin with her I feel tried , funny and hot!!! I don’t like hot because temperature in Thailand is very high and then Bangpan is come because Maggi is work at near my home and I play with Bangpan is very very very funny I feel miss her It’s time dinner today I eat china food I like it because it spicy I don’t eat is long time to come in America after that I play with Bangpan again It’s time at 9 pm. Maggi pick up Bangpan go to her home and then I go to upstair and sleep at 10pm.