To day I woke up at 6:30 am today Toto wake up at 6:00 am then we have a breakfast today breakfast is strawberrybread then we go to school today my first class is history again today we study about worldwar 1 again then I have english class to day it is a reading class I had a new book name Don’t fall down it about the children don’t have a legs but he want to run and play sports with he friends it a very good book because it a first books I read and I understand next we have a cooking class today we look teacher do a vhipcream ( we only look but don’t do because we will do in next cooking class ) then we have art class we do a clay then I have math then after we finish math I have a lunch today I eat sandwich ( only one ) and two pudding  but Toto have two sandwich  because he eat a lot then I have a science class today I have new friend name Levi I have handwresting with him and I lose 555 then we have spain class then after we finish school we go to buy a dinner because today my host go to visit Dave mom because she sick then I stay at home with Toto today a dinner is tuna sandwich ( I eat a small one but Toto eat a big one ) then I wait my host come back to play pool and card today we had a new game name spoon I don’t want to tell you because I don’t good about english but I understand what mt host mom tell me today Its a first time I write a blog very longggggggggggggggg ( It long to me but not long same Toto ).