Today we went to canoe playing , before we came me and Kathie went to the church at my school . So we met Gifted and her host family again , so Kathie told her host mom about canoing . So her host mom said today Gifted Joe and Sam gonna went to Kayaking so Kathie asaid we will meet them at place that we will went to canoe . So when we went to the place that we gonna went canoe , and i help Sam to pick his boat with Joe , Is very heavy . When we went to picked the boat , I went down first and Larry next and Kathie is last . I’m just looking of the views is very hot but yesterday is hotter . So when we finished Gifted come to the last .

We talked a littlen bit with Thai language , and she went to keep the stuff with her host and we were went up to the placed that have a birds but we didn’t went to the highest because we will maked the bis scares .
Sam is very scared with high place so when Gifted gonna hold him . He cried . So he go down with us to the Exhibit . Is the real Bird and Duck , Some is cute some is not

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