Today is Thrusday this week past very fast but today in the morning we woke up at 5:15 am because mark and kandi have to work very fast so kandi took me to terry house so we ate breakfast at terry house we ate burger in burger it have pork,bun,cheese and eggs it was very great breakfast.When we ate finished I and karter have went outside the house for waiting the school bus the school bus will came at 8:00 am so we went outside about7:55.In the bus thier have many kids but I was very tired so I having a nap in the school bus.At school today we have test but I dont I just waiting in another classroom when I’m waiting I have reading a book the book name is “The Giver” it was very hard for me to read but I use laptop for translating some word.Today we have art class it was very fun we have to drawing a picture so that is my hobby I like to draw it was very good day!