Sam reading my blog now yesterday i got up a littlebit late because i think my first class start at9.45 .my class like everyday don’t have something special now I think i can understand every class except government class it also hard to me to understand it .today my class finished at 12.25 so I have lunch at lunch today is taco with cheese and maybe olives.after that we go to the playground adriel like it.and then we pick sam up from his friend birthday party.we went to the same libraly and lend some dvd to watch it at home.and go to school again because adriel will go to skype with someone who are korean but we don’t know about korean language so some korean student come to help us at school.our dinner today is chicken nugget.when we came home we watching cinderella it was fun i love it it was fun like when I saw it at thai this is the end of the day tomorrow or today is adriel birthday bye bye see you again