Day 21 : Today I feel very good because I don’t go to school but go to traving with host family I don’t wake up early I feel very very good I wake up 8.30 am. after that I go to bathroom for take a bath . tooth brush and wash my face . When I finish I go down stair I don’t eat breakfast because not break fast I feel hungry after that here we go distance is 2-2.30 hours. I feel very bored because I sit in car very long time I sleep in car because I feel sleepy passage way is following in picture.image
When I arrive I don’t no name at this in picture for pick up a vase .image
When I finish we go to eat lunch I very very hungry I go to eat Culvers Sturgeon Bay I eat burger and frenchfries I feel fuly and good after that I go to candy store for grandchild of Popp want to eat candy and wait for Carol . When I finish I come back home distance is 2-2.30 hours I feel tried and sleepy after that I wait for eat dinner is salad . When I finish I go to upstair I feel sick I headache I tell to Carol I want a ice pack and I sleep at 9 pm.