Today, I woke up at 6.33 a.m. I took a shower and brushed my teeth. I went downstairs to eat breakfast. My breakfast is Bacon. We went to school early because today is Daniel’s birthday. It is birthday of Abbey boyfriend. 555 She must go to happy birthday Daniel by stained on his locker. First class, I learned Music. Between class had some people go out because they went to field trip. I like this class but I don’t have anything to do. I listened music that they play only. Second class, I learned Physical Education. We had clothes to change in this class. We played hockey for three times. Every time we don’t win but don’t loss. We had same points every times. Third class, I learned Health. We learned about survivor. We played mus-sm game before class. It is game that very fun but I don’t know how to explain. Fourth class is Hawk time. We went to band room again. Abbey, Marley and me go to Daniel’s locker. Abbey knew password of his locker. And she opened his locker and took M&M that she gave to him. Giveth class, I learned English. Today, teacher nearly to fell down chair. 55555 Today we learned about history of America, It was very fun and interesting. I ate lunch at 11.45 a.m. My lunch are green curry chicken with rice that I did yesterday and chips. Sixth class, I learned Social studies. I learned about the panama canal, It was very fun and interesting. Seventh class, I learned Science. I learned about light. We had experiment again. It was very fun. Every group had three people. Eighth class, I learned Mathematics. We had test today. We had two test. I finished it very fast. Abbey said I very good and smart. She do not finish. 555 And I correct every choice. I was very happy. I think at America learned very easy. I came home and tonight I will go to madison. My dinner today are pork chop with potatoes. And poached eggs. I did it, It was delicious. Today I don’t sleep at home. I will go to sleep at Wendy’s aunt home. Bye bye.