I woke up at 6.10 am it very early because I want to pick up my cloths and my jean on frist floor when I finished I ate cereal with milk and went to school I stayed in history class at 7.40 am then I waited another people today I studied same yesterday about information of people in 1920’s then I studied Perfomance today I played hocky it too hard but I have to played that game about last 4 years at Thailand.third I studied art to day I do papermache and made clay again next I studied wildlife today we gave rice for chicken and play a game name of game is “Oh Dear” it play if you do same todether you can go next if you don’t have you wait people can go next then them came back to choose if do same I cann’t explain is game a lot.Luch time today it has hotdogs potato fried and milk.today is snap time day we have free 1 lesson I choose to go libraly again because my fried told me at last wednesday see you on friday I go to libraly and talked with him.last class I studied english today we watched movie but today it has train when has a fire then I came back home my dinner to day we have pizza when finished I slept.1460772004058