Today I wake up on 6.00am.Then I get a shirt.I eat breakfast with cereal,milk.We go to school very early.We arrived school on 7.45am.First lesson I study history about 1920’s.We eat jellybean ice-cream.It very sweet and yummy.Performance time today gameday.We play hokky.It very difficult because it first time.I play goalkeeper.I am a hindrance team.Then I study art,my work is finish.Then I study wildlife.In the class have quiz.When finish quiz we get food for animal.Then we play game about dear and hunting.Then we have lunch with hotdog and pomato.Then we have snap time.I go to library.Have a friends to talk with me and extra about school.It very exciting.Then I study english.Today we watch a movie.The movie is (A raisin in the sun).Then we go home.I wash my clothes.Then I take a shower.We have dinner with pizza.It very delicious.1460771978159