Today we woke up ate honey comb again and went to school first class is same like every day Bible history it start at 8 and end at 9 next is science same again we study about rocket to other star it end at 9:45 and next is math same againwe study about finding area of parallogram to 10:30 and next is English we read a book it ent at noon we had lunch then we got out to play and came in at 13 and had computer class it took half hour then speech class and next is social we learn about Cambodia  history it start at 14 and ent at 15 and the school end.
When we came back we play game to 4:30 then went to soccer practice to 6 o’clock

then ate dinner when we finish we do 3D puzzle that i bring we not finish yet but we will tomorrow

and i write this blog.