Day 20 : I wake up early is 6 am. andsleep to 6.50 I feel very tried I want to sleep but I must go to school because today Joh has come visit school and home after that I go to take a bath today I don’t wash my face and toothbrush because I late I feel quickly when I finish I go downstair for eat breakfast is cereal but I don’t eat finish Zag and Zam pick me up go to school I feel hungry I wait eat lunch frist class is math is test again I feel bored because class is silent when finish I go next class is physical education today is not break time to breakfast I don’t no why in physical education I play pickle ball I win 3 game and lose 1 game I feel funny and tried after that next class is libary class I play a game and Cole watch a WWE .When we finish I go to music class today is song I feel funny next class is english class work in note book but I don’t do anything I not bored because I watch Cole play in note book .When class finish we go to
eat lunch ro day is burger ,salad and milk chocolate after that I talk with friend when finish I go to next class is engineer today is work continue on yesterday after that next class is CNN class then today has prcatice when tanado come and Joh has come visit at my school and take a video when finish next class is seience today we watch a
movie. At 3 pm. I come back home and then Joh come visit at 3.45 pm. for take a video and talk with my host family .When finish Joh go to Bangpan house and I eat dinner is salad and chicken It’s tume I go to sleep 10 pm.imageimage