sorry yesterday I am forget to upload my blog yesterday i got up around 6.30 like everyday i have geometry class i like this class i think it’s fun for me .then i have PE class for me this class is not fun because i didn’t like to exercise more but it is okay doesn’t bad like i think.after that all international student have ESL class i like miss ankamas she read us about “BFG” again I like this book but i don’t like “single shard”it hard to understand for me.In government class we have an assignment to do 1-5 i can’t do it today i ask sara who is my buddy so now I understand that question.I very like my lunch today my host mom pack something like fried chicken with rice to me.after that my class don’t have anything special when i come home i played with my host sister and brother.and when we have dinner my host family say i should go to cafe i don’t know this before when we arrived at cafe teacher george let me try a different candy i don’t like candy that have red color i think it taest like a lot of herb mixed after that we all came home early because abyl don’t feel well at night when every children fell asleep i, my host mom,my host dad look narnai follow Tuesday night that i wrote my last blog so I did’t tell you i like this story i did’t look it before.