Day 19 : I wake up 6 am. and sleep
to 6.30 am. I feel sleepy and lazy to go to school because when I back to Thailand I must to wake up early I feel bored. After that I go to take a bath wash my face and tooth brush when I finish I go down stair for eat break fast I eat bread and coffe. After that Zam and Zag pick me up to school and go to school . When I at school
I sit at cafeteria and wait for time to study frist class is math today is test I think is so easy to do at Thailand I feel very easy I want to help my buddy but I can’t breakfast time I stay with Cole and friend at cafeteria when finish I go to gym for physical education I play soccer with friend I feel very funny because I like it and my friend run around gym but I sit in gym. When finish go to libary class Cole and I play game on my phone because this class not do anything and go to music class when libary class finish music class not do any same libary class because rehearse dance.When finish I go to english class I read book my friend must sum up in note book but I not I feel hungry because next class is break time to eat lunch. It ‘s time
to eat Is lasanya, milk and salad when finish I talk with friend and next class is engineer today Cole work in computer I don’t no what programbut Cole and friend draw plug.After that next class I namwd that is CNN class hahaha because all class I watch CNN student and the last class is seience today is test same mayh class I feel very easy but I don’t no English language .At 3pm. I come back home with Zag and Zam when I come when I come back home I play with grandchild host family after that I want to host family try to nudle Thailand ( MaMa) she say is very spicy but I feel tasteless imageand eat a dinner is slad and targo after that today I clean in my bedroom because tommorow Joh visit at my home and I sleep 10 pm.