Today I woke up at 6.40 am then I brush a teeth and ate breakfast.7.30 am we went to school today my teacher in history she is came today history class we studied about world war l same last week second class today men teacher didn’t come today we have women teach in fitness then I studied art same last class teacher didn’t came today I do a papermache I think tomorrow l will finish it when ring on I studied wildlife today it about Black Bear next I ate lunch today it has bbq chicken with bread and vegatable.Today it has snap time after lunch I went to libraly today it has a lot people talk with me about 5-6 people them asked me about prom and how long I live in america after that it last class today english class it has quiz but I didn’t do that because they do in computer but computer has a password but I don’t have a password.3.10 pm l came back home I went to change a cloth and took shower then help pick up milk oil to cook a dinner today I have noodle hotdog banana and cantaloupe then I went to brush a teeth then slept.Today snow is fall down.1460595406132