On Wednesday at lunch time, we had mash potatoes and fish nuggets. It was the best lunch ever! It was so yummy. Then when we finished the lunch, I had to study English ,but I heard that english teacher just fell of the stairs in the morning ,so we had another teacher came to teach us. This time we studied about ‘Julius Caesar’. Julius Caesar is the play that William Shakespeare have been written in 1599. Teacher let us open the book and read the story for about 20 minutes.Then we spend an hours to watch the play and try to follow the sentence in the book that character said in the play. The problem was this play used like a poetry words ,so I couldn’t understand. I tried so hard to not fall asleep in the class lol After finish this class, we backed home. Maggi told me that she wouldn’t have a dinner with
mom and me that day because she had a date! And I didn’t know why every time that she didn’t stay at home ,mom always cooked Thai food. In the refrigerator, we still had egg plants for a week ,so mom searched for Thai food that can use egg plants and another ingredients that we had at home. She found the recipe of ‘Thai egg plant curry’ ,so we did this. While we were cooking, we are sneezing and cough a lot because the smell was so spicy. Afterwards, it was time to eat! I ate two plates of rice lol it was yummy ,but I think since we cooked Thai food here ,green curry was the best! Then we ate cheesecake that left from mom’s birthday for dessert.