Today we woke up at 5:30 in the morning and we had breakfast as bread and sausage (someone else also had egg too but I don’t eat eggs so I don’t have it). Then we left our house at 6am and we arrived at Universal Studios about 7:30 but we don’t know where to park and we also need to clear about tickets because we changed our flight so we need to changed the date.

We actually at park around 8am and the park only open for hotel guess so we need to wait until 9pm to get into the park. So we spend our time in the gift shop.

When the park is open, we walked to Harry Potter Zone first. It’s very different from the one in Japan. In Japan, when the park open every one just ran to the play and it’s very clowded. And in Japan people wearing full costume for their favorite movie. But here, People just walk very chill and were a normal T-shirt with only there favorite movie band screened on it.

At the park I went to look for my new wand first because I forgot my wand at home. I had money exchange and then I went to the store and I hoped them choose me to the show. But actually I already knew that they will choose a young kids to join them and it is true. I’m a little sad but not very because I already guess that it will happen. Then I come out to buy a wand and I have one that I like but I don’t know where to get it and I just randomly pick it and it turned out to be the one that I want. So I am so happy . Then I played the ride escape from Gringrot and it was a great ride. Then we walked around buying something and bought butter beer before ate lunch as a sausage and mash potatoe.

Then we moved on to another zone. We played men in black twice because it was very fun. I think of my dad alot because he’s very good at this game. When I was in grade 5 I went to Universal Studios Singapore and play this game with my dad and I only got 1x,xxx but my dad got about 1xx,xxx. But this time I did alot better. I got 31,250 on the first time and 63,550 on the second time.

Before we got to play that we need to keep our bags in the logger and I share locker with Nhun. And some things happen so we need some one to help us get our bag out.

Then Nhun want to play kids player so I need to sit with her and it wasn’t fun at all. Then we go to the Transformer ride before the big rolercoaster. It was a very nice ride. Then we backed to the gift shop to buy something for our friends.

Then Gourge picked us up and go to his cousin’s house for his mum’s birthday party. So me and Nhun have nothing to do and we just sit and wait for dinner next to the swimming pool.

We finally got back home at 10am (we spend about 5 hour here) And I’m very very sleepy so I just pack my bag and go back to sleep around 11am. It was a long day .