Today i went overnightcamp with my Pudgimelon group . When i came to the hotel i put my back in the room and change the shirts . And Goerge told us the rules about how to satyed in overnight camp is take about 10 minites i think ?? 2.00 pm.  we walked to sub-zero to ice-skating . Before we play we ate pizza , Is very delicous . And when we eat finished we went to skating , I think i did it well . But Bangpun was fell down because the accident . She hurted her legs . Gorege and the staff help her to went to nursery room . I we was frightend because we are sad that Bangpun has an accident . And when we finished we went shopping . I played the 3D games and bought some toys . And we ate Shabushi,It’s very delicous . When we finished eating , We wait for Mild and then we walked to hotel . We we were at the hotel we were got in the room . Then we ready for writing blog . When we finished Gorge let us walked to Tom N Toms Coffee restaurant . And Mild told us how to write a blog and then we writting a blog just like now . Today we are fun