Yesterday my dinner is “Pad mama”. I did it by myself. because yesterday Wendy feeled sick. After that, I played game with my family. We played Sequence and Jenga. They are very fun. And I slept at 9.00 p.m. Have fun.
Today, I woke up at 6.32 a.m. It is very late. but I used time for 15 minute to finished everything. I went downstairs around 6.47 a.m. I think it don’t late, it is very fast. I ate breakfast at 7.10 a.m. because I wait Abbey to eat. My breakfast are fried egg and sausage. It is very sour but delicious. I went to school at 7.28 a.m. We met our friends at school before time to study. First class, I learned music and band class. Mr. Thennes came to see us. Today, have a few of people in class. I sat in the center of room. Second class, I learned art. I drew a picture. My picture that I draw is bear. It is very beautiful 555. Teacher opened music, between learn we listened music. Third class, I learned study hall class, this class we don’t learn anything and do homework in this class. I don’t have any homework and and draw a picture in my notebook. Fourth class, It is hawk time. I don’t know what did our learn. I learned at canteen. Fiveth class, I learned english. today, teacher tell us about her work and life. It was very interesting and fantastic. I ate lunch at 11.43 a.m. Today is the first day that I eat lunch of school. I ate chicken knuggets with bread. Sixth class, I learned social studies. We do sheet for 15 minutes. It is about Latin America. We learned it for a long time, but it is interesting. Seventh class, I learned science. Teacher switch our seats. And I sat the backest. It is very far from teacher. Devin played computer in classroom again. I wrote some thai letter to my freinds. and they said it is very interesting. Last class, I learned Mathematics. Today We had a practice test, but I don’t do it. because I don’t had students of this school. At 26th and 28th April, they had test. Every students of Wisconsin in Grade 3rd to 8th must do this test. I came back to home and wrote blog. Before we came to home, we went to thai-lao market. Wendy bought much of things because she want to try it. We came back to home around 5.45 p.m. And ate dinner that bought from Thai-lao market. I ate chicken, it is very delicious. I was full. Lauren came to my house around 6.02 p.m and we went to walk around with her and Abbey. I was very freezing. We came back home again at 7.38 p.m. And I went to write this blog. I will sleep at 8.30 p.m