Today I woke up at 6am and left to airport. Gourge made a stop at drive thru McDonald and bought us a break fast. He bought us an egg muffins because it’s buy one get one or having some nice deal. But I can’t eat eggs so I have to give my egg to Nhun and eat only bread and ham.

Then we got to the Airport and wait at the gate(gate 6). We took about 3 hour flying to Florida. It is kinda hot here(a lot hotter than Wisconsin.) Then Gourge got his car at the car borrower place next to airport.

Then everyone were so hungry with no reason (but I am not very hungry). So they made a stop at Michigan food restaurant(?) and they said it was delicious but I really don’t think so. I personally don’t like that kind of food, maybe. So eat them until happily and I don’t want to eat anything else anymore because I feel like all today food is all thing that I cannot eat and I can’t decide which one is worse. 🙁

Then we got back home and go out to Gourge’s mum and dad house. His dad is very kind but I don’t know his mum because she is sick and she doesn’t talk to us. I have chicken pie for dinner and it was the best meal today because the others are horrible.

Then Gourge start a magic tricks and he have Nhun help him but she mess up all the tricks because of nothing made ever trick fail.

Then we got back home and take a shower then go to bed.