Yester day at night I very happy because I met my friends in skatenight and my friend at school come with me his name is Owen and the son of my host name Dillon.This time I fall down only 2 time because Dillon and Owen always help me so that is why I fall down.That night is the best night ever because it was very fun and I very missed my friend.Today was my third day that I went to school every body in that school is very friendly I have my group in school my group has Dillon,Owen,Aiden and me.And many children come to check hand with me it was very good.Every break I usually play American football with them at first I don’t know how to play but every body teach me how to play so I can play now but it was very hard to catch the ball.But the subject Math,Social,Science in here is very hard and it has homework!!!!!!! that is the thing that I don’t like.