Name: Kwanrawin Punapung
Nickname: Idea
April 14, 2011
Gender: Female
Religion: Buddhism
Previous Travel: Japan
Brothers/Sisters: I ‘m only child.
Hobbies: I like listening to BNK48. They are Korean girl band.
Pets: I have one Prairie dog. His name is “ Happy”
Favorite Sport: I like swimming.
Favorite Color: Blue and yellow.
Personal Statement: My name is Idea. I am almost 9  years old. There are 3 people in my family, Dad, Mom and me. I like to paint, draw and enjoy Korean Band (BNK48) music. My family live outside of Bangkok around 4 hours drive or we can fly to Bangkok only take 45 minutes. My dad is a tutor. He teaches physics. My mom own a herb shop.

I did a lot of activities at the school and outside of the school. I like to travel and learn new things. I like ham and cheese. I never sleep alone. I want to go to America to meet new friends, use my English and learn new culture.