Today I woke up at 6.50 am then went to brush a teeth and ate cereal with milk.My host drove a car for went to baseball game with Thai kids.I arrived to the parking second groups them topaz came but he don’t came because he think don’t has another people in a bus when ultra went to call him he came down and sit on a bus.Busdriver is girl he drive very good.We went to baseball stadium at 8.20 am I think we sit on a bus about 2-3 hours.Then we ate a lunch behind a bus it has hotdogs hamburgers cola cake and snack it delicious I very full when we finished we took some photos then go inside stadium.Game is start 1.00 pm it very fun today Brewers is win last shot it very fantastic if Astros team out Brewers is winning can Brewers can do it he throw a ball but Astros can hits but Brewers player can catch a ball then Brewers win a game.Next we run a base and them gave some gifts then we came back dinner to day I have spaggetti breads hotdogs and ice cream then I go to bed goodbye today I very tried.1460339643686