First day school, First day snow

Today was really really cold. It is the first day school for most of the kids except Net. His school has something like Teacher Prep day so he didn’t go to school today.

Nissa went to school for the first day too. George was really excited. He didn’t want to leave the classroom.

Since it’s so early, nothing open. We went to Warren restaurant to get breakfast. I wasn’t hungry. I ordered cheese curd. We stayed for an hour. Then we decided to go home, get blanket for Nissa and drop off at school then we went to Manitowox School district to get information about being a subtitute teacher.

After that we went To Valders to get mail and talked to the school bus company for Net. He’s taking a school bus from tomorrow.

On the way back to Manitowoc. There was the snow falling. It made me  think about Nissa because she would love it.


We came back home, make lunch and do some laundry.

Around 2:30 pm we went to the pick Nissa up from school. We met Best (again haha). I asked him how is the class. He said it was fun and not boring like Thai class.

Nissa had a lot of fun at school. She didn’t cry at all. She ate all her food I prepared for her and came home and ate a lot more. I though she would wake up vomit but she didn’t.