Today is my first day of meeting everyone.I was so excited to see my new friends.After the meeting ended.We went to Central Rama 9 with Mr.George , P’Pat , two cute kids and friends.We went to the Cinema floor.First,We planned to see Alita but after that we wanted to see friend zone that very famous.We talked with Mr.George and played rock pamper scissors to choose it.If we win ,we gonna see Friend zone but if Mr.George win ,we gonna see Alita.Finally we win so,we went to see Friend zone.We talked fun things with each other before we gonna come in cinema.The film was so funny and romantic.When we finished watching.We went to the pizza company but it already closed so,we went up again to eat McDonald.We ordered hamburger and french fries.After that, we found the exit to go back to condo.It was very hard to find the way to go back.We went up and down for many times and it was so funny and Finallyyyy ,we could find the way to go back.When we came back ,we ate many things and washed the dishes and had fun with friends.I wanna say thank you to Mr.George ,P’Pat and friends for today.^^