Today I woke up around 3am and went to the airairport to fly back to Wisconsin. I was so sleepy so I spend about an hour sleeping. When the plane almost landing, I wanwanted to go to the toilet but the guy who sat next to me was sleeping so I need to woke him up. And I’m very scared to wake the stranger that I don’t know up.

Then we finally arrived at Wisconsin again and it is very cold. When we got to the ground. My host mum picked me up and I’m very happy because I am very tired and I need a rest.

When we get back home, I help my host mum make a cookie and it was a great cookies. Then I spend my afternoon for a rest since I’m so tired and sleepy.

About dinner time , Cole’s Girlfriend came to our house and hang out with him and I think they ate lots of cookie because I saw only few cookie left in the kitchen even though we made about 40 piece of cookie.